Chamber Winds

What is Chamber Winds?

Chamber Winds is a program that provides you with the opportunity to play your instrument in small groups (like 4 or 5 people). We rehearse from 7:00 – 7:40 on Tuesday mornings. You must commit to being at rehearsals for the entire term, otherwise the rest of your group will be incomplete! You will perform your piece at the end of the term, either in an informal recital for Chamber Winds members or at a public event (like a concert).

Why should I sign up?

This kind of playing builds independence and will help make you a leader in your section.

It’s more fun to practice with friends than alone.

It’s only one day a week, but will greatly improve your overall playing.

You can earn points toward a Varsity Numeral/Letter (25 points each term for doing at least 6 rehearsals and a performance each term).

Where do I get the music?

We have a good chamber music library here at EPHS. You can browse through it, or we can choose a piece for your group. You are responsible for returning the music at the end of each term!

Can I choose my own group?

Yes! If you have some friends who would like to get together and play chamber music in the morning, that’s terrific! It’s important, however, that your group consist of the correct instrumentation so that we can find music for you to play (please see back of attached registration form).

Does my group get help from a coach?

Every group will get help to choose the correct music each term. When you rehearse, you will sometimes receive help from a band director or coach, and sometimes you will work on your own.