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Fundraising falls into two categories:

  • Group fundraising

  • Individual student account fundraising

Group Fundraising

Designated Specifically to Eagle Band

The fees paid through MyPaymentsPlus cover much of the marching band expenses, but they do not cover everything. The following Eagle Band group fundraisers are critical to meeting our funding needs.

Vertical Raise
Funds raised through the Vertical Raise online fundraiser seek donations from family and friends. This fundraiser will be held [TBD]. More details to come.

Prairie Colors
This is the marching band competition that we host in September, where around a dozen or so bands compete. Proceeds from ticket sales and concession profits help pay for Eagle Band expenses.

Car Washes
During the summer or fall, the entire Eagle Band ensemble may organize car washes to bring in additional income.

Designated to the Band Parent Organization (BPO)

The BPO organizes the following fundraisers, which go into the BPO account to pay for some Eagle Band expenses, as well as expenses for other bands and ensembles.

  • Summer garage sale

  • Amazon Smile

  • Dining for Dollars (restaurant fundraisers)

  • Other fundraising opportunities that come up

Amazon Smile is an easy way to donate to the BPO while you do your regular Amazon shopping, at no extra cost to you.

  1. Go to

  2. Search for Eden Prairie Band Parent Organization as your charity.

Individual Student Account Fundraising

The BPO organizes the following fundraisers, which go into individual student accounts tracked by the BPO and can be used to pay for Eagle Band fees or another band/guard-related cost, such as Winterguard, Winter Drumline, Chamber Winds, and Jazz Band.

  • Food sales 1-2 times a year (such as Thanksgiving pies, ButterBraids, pizzas, or cookie dough)

  • Possible additional fundraisers, depending on what’s available and worthwhile

  • Raise Right - gift cards (“scrip”) for thousands of businesses (year-round)

Raise Right is an app/website where you purchase gift cards (“scrip”) at face value, and a percentage of those sales go into your student’s band/guard account. Many families put hundreds of dollars into their student’s account each year using it.

  1. Download the RaiseRight Fundraising app or go to the website:

  2. On the app or website, click Join a Program (app) or Sign Up (website).

  3. Create your account using the BPO’s enrollment code: 21A12D7A37969