Jazz Bands


Auditions will be November 20th & 21st after school in the band room.  Jazz I & II are open to traditional instrumentation listed below. Band members study and perform a variety of jazz, rock, blues and fusion music and learn how to improvise.

Students must be able to read music and play any of these instruments: saxophone, trombone, trumpet, drumset, bass, electric guitar; vibraphone or piano. The Jazz season runs from October to April

 Audition Requirements for Jazz Band

Jazz band auditions will be held Monday & Tuesday November 20th and 21st  in the band area. All auditions will be held after school and sign up sheets will be posted near the band office. Students will sign-in upon arrival and play on a first come, first served basis during the time blocks for each instrument type. The schedule of times is tentative. Please plan to be flexible. Once you are done playing, you are free to leave.  Results will be posted on the band web site at a later date.

Jazz Band rehearsal times (also on the band Google calendar).

Jazz I- Mondays and Thursdays 3:30-5:00 (band room)

Jazz II-Mondays 7:45-8:30 (band room) Thursdays 7:45-8:30 (band room)

Audition requirements will be as follows: Winds (Saxes, Trumpet, and Trombone), Piano, Guitar, Bass

Please print off the following

Major Scales Bb, F, Eb, and Ab. Full range Chromatic scale. Can be found in the foundations book on band schoology sites.

Autumn Leaves Play along (see below). Play with backing track-

Jazz in Samba Play along (see below). Play with backing track


Applicant must demonstrate rhythmic and “groove” competency in the following musical styles: Moderate Swing, “Double Time” Swing, Funk/Rock, and Bossa Nova. Lessons on the styles are available at the following link.

*Parts are included in the .pdf file of all parts. Scroll down and find the part you need and print the appropriate page(s) from the file.