Eden Prairie Welcomes You Back to Marching Band Season

31st Annual 

Prairie Colors 2023

Eden Prairie High School
September 9th, 2023
11:00 AM

Performance Order

Class A

11:00 Hutchinson High School
11:15 Mankato 77 Lancers
11:30 Andover High School
11:45 Champlin Park High School
12:00 Rochester Lourdes High School
12:15 Anoka High School
12:30 Hastings Raiders Marching Band

1:00 Class A Awards

Class AA

1:15 Marshall High School
1:30 Waseca Marching Jays
1:45 Grand Rapids High School

Class AAA

2:00 Eastview High School
2:15 Brandon Valley High School
2:30 Exhibition: Eden Prairie High School

3:00 Class AA & AAA Awards

Hutchinson High School

Hutchinson, MN

Performance Time: 11:00 am

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Silas Maricle, Sophia Withers
Director: Nick Buroker
Assistant Director: Lindsey Simondet
Color Guard Coordinator: Alyssa Engel
Visual Instructor: Justin Mons
Percussion Instructor: Shane Matter

Show: Pandora's Lament
The Hutchinson Marching Tigers are proud to present their 2023 show, “Pandora’s Lament,” which tells the legend of Pandora’s box, full of all things good and evil in the world.  Out of fateful curiosity, she opens the box, releasing spirits of evil and woe.  Horrified, and tortured by the spirits, she closes the box and traps Hope inside.  Ultimately being left to reckon with the consequences of her actions.

The Marching Tigers are part of a comprehensive band program at Hutchinson High School, which features three concert bands, jazz band, pit orchestra, and pep band.  Additionally, there is a strong tradition of participation in Solo & Ensemble.  The Marching Tigers would like to thank the Hutchinson Music boosters, along with the administration and custodial staff of Hutchinson Public Schools for their support.

Mankato 77 Lancers

Mankato, MN

Performance Time: 11:15 am

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Mariana Gioffre, Landon Willaert
Directors: Brady Krusemark, Eric Zimmerman
Color Guard Staff:  Sarah Thursby, Maddy McCabe
Percussion Staff:  Michael Thursby, Justin Tollefson, Rain Crawford, Cullen Bednarchuk, Evan Bunde
Visual & Music Staff: Josh Forbord, Erin Oberle

Show: Uncaged
This season's show, “Uncaged” explores themes of adversity, perseverance, and triumph through the lens of our caged bird.  The show music consists of excerpts from “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky, “Paint It, Black” by The Rolling Stones, “Blackbird” by The Beatles, “Black Crow” by Jamiroquai, and “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Featured Soloists include:  Amelia Wayne - Flute, Griffin Sawatzky - Trombone, Katelyn Landwer - Mellophone, Lilian Jaquette - Keytar

The Mankato Area 77 Lancers from Mankato, MN are a competitive marching band whose membership consists of 9th-12th grade students from District 77’s Mankato East and Mankato West High Schools. The group consists of approximately 85 members performing in brass, woodwind, percussion and colorguard sections. This season, The Lancers celebrate their 45th year of competitive marching and performance.

The Lancers are a District 77 organization that strives to promote excellence in the areas of youth development & performance. Over the years, the Lancers have marched & performed in over 30 states & Canada.  The Mankato 77 Lancers Marching Band wishes to thank our school’s administration, parents, community members, & the Lancer Parent Association for their positive & generous support & appreciation of instrumental music & the performing arts programs in Mankato Area Public Schools.

Andover Marching Band

Andover, MN

Performance Time: 11:30 am

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Matthew Eisinger Jr., Landon Hazelton
Directors: Blake Peterson

Show: In Bloom
Growth is a process of learning how to handle change, and happens at a unique pace for everyone. Every experience, relationship, triumph, and struggle contribute to these inevitable changes. Finding opportunities to grow not only through happiness and success, but also through pain and failure, allows one to have a broader perspective of themselves and the events that led them to where they are. 

The 2023 Marching Huskies show "In Bloom" is a reflection of this process and an homage to the different rates at which we all grow.

Champlin Park Marching Band

Champlin Park, MN

Performance Time: 11:45 am

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Mikey Beasley, Amara Kolles
Directors: Steve Johnson, Amanda Mastrian

Show: Eureka
We are excited to take you along on our sonic and visual journey through some classic projects at our traveling science fair. Musical selections include: "Imaginarium" by Randall Standridge, "Rains of Castamere" by Ramin Djawadi, "Lights Out" by Alex Shapiro, "A Glimpse of the Eternal" by Aaron Perrine, and original music by Ward Miller.


The Champlin Park Marching Rebels consists of 80 dedicated musicians who pride themselves in being highly active in many summer and fall marching venues. Over the last 31 years, the band has performed and competed across the country in parades as well as field competitions In 2015 the Marching Rebels were awarded 1st place in class A at Youth in Music Minnesota State Championships. In 2016 the Marching Rebels made an appearance at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee, winning Grand Champion in both the parade and field competitions. In 2022 the Marching Rebels participated in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans where they performed their field show at Caesar's Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints.

Rochester Lourdes High School

Rochester, MN

Performance Time: 12:00 pm

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Regina Waldbillig and Stella Haselkorn
Directors: Andrew Scheller
Staff: Erin French, Chad Clasemann, Julia Cordes, Cameron Beaver, Danielle Nation, Wayne Nation

Show: A New Dawn
A New Dawn is a journey from darkness into light, and a new way of thinking.  Featuring musical selections Dawn FM, Blinding Lights, Feeling Good and Phantom Regret, A New Dawn takes the performers into a new plane of existence.

The marching band at Lourdes High School is part of an extensive instrumental music program that includes a Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Winter Drumline, AP Music Theory Course, Jazz Lab Course, an private lesson program.  The  Rochester Lourdes Marching Band is proud to perform at numerous competitions and events around Minnesota.  The band would like to thank the parents and volunteer staff for their amazing support in making this season possible!

Anoka Marching Band

Anoka, MN

Performance Time: 12:15 pm

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Caiden Hernandez, Keegan May
Directors: Tim Hauser

Show: Circus Show
Circus of Dreams is a marching band show that takes the audience on a journey through a fantastical circus world, where anything is possible and dreams come to life. Through music, movement, and visual effects, the show celebrates the magic of the circus and the power of imagination. As the show unfolds, the audience is transported to a world where dreams are real and anything is possible, leaving them with a sense of childlike wonder and a renewed appreciation for the power of imagination.

Under the direction of Timothy Hauser, follow a long tradition of bands providing music and school spirit for the Anoka, Minnesota, community. The Marching Tornadoes entertain crowds at more than 25 events during the fall sports season, including performances at home football games, competitions, pep fests, and local hometown parades such as the Anoka Halloween parade. The Marching Tornadoes have a tradition of excellence. 

Hastings Raiders Marching Band

Hastings, MN

Performance Time: 12:30 pm

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Julia Ronning
Directors: Emily Chandler, Thomas Wentzler

Show: 3 Wishes


The Hastings High School Raiders Marching Band is in its 31st year of competition.  The marching band is part of a comprehensive band program that includes three concert bands, two jazz ensembles, pep band, percussion ensemble, and numerous other small ensembles.  The marching band is supported by the Hastings Band Boosters and the ISD 200 administration.  The Hastings School District’s music program is a Minnesota Exemplary Music Program Award recipient. The marching band would like to thank all of the parents and volunteers who do so much for us throughout the season. 

The Hastings Raiders Marching Band is proud to have been named the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 Class A Minnesota state champions, the 2019 Class AA Minnesota state champions, and most recently the 2022 Class A Minnesota state champions at the Youth in Music marching band championships. 

Marshall High School Marching Band

Marshall, MN

Performance Time: 1:15 pm

Competitive Classification: AA
Drum Majors: Mallory Evans and Naomi Schroeder
Directors: Larry Petersen, Chris Witherow

Show: Bump in the Night
Not everything goes to sleep when you do. Some things stay awake. Some are hiding. Some things are ready to pounce. In the middle of the night everything seems scarier than it really is. Dark figures seem to be lurking about. Floorboards creaking. When you hear that bump in the night as the monster approaches, you have to make a choice. Do you run…or do you fight back?

The Marshall Tiger Marching Band is the largest competitive activity at Marshall High School, and the largest ensemble in a comprehensive band program that features four concert bands, marching band, jazz ensembles, and a spirited athletic band. 

Waseca Marching Jays

Waseca, MN

Performance Time: 1:30 pm

Competitive Classification: AA
Drum Majors: Addison Bomsta, Hannah LaCroix, Addison Wieseler
Directors: Devon Lawrence

Show: Nova
The Waseca Marching Jays are proud to present their 2023 production entitled "Nova". Watch as the Marching Jays travel through space to experience the breath-taking beauty and destructive power found within every planet. Their show features the following musical selections: "Galactic Empires" by David Gillingham, "Midnight on Mainstreet" by Brian Balmages, "As the World Caves In" by Matt Maltese and "A Sky Full of Stars" by Coldplay.

The Marching Jays are proud to be one of the longest-running competitive marching bands in the state of Minnesota, with well over 40 years of competition experience.

Grand Rapids Marching Band

Grand Rapids, MN

Performance Time: 1:45 pm

Competitive Classification: AA
Drum Majors: Kaitlyn Olson, Katie Chung
Directors: Dale Gunderson, Sander Grotjohn

Show: The Hat of the Matter


The Grand Rapids Marching Band is part of a comprehensive music program featuring 3 concert bands, 2 jazz ensembles, class guitar, College in the Schools Music Theory, Pep Band and more.  The Band Program at Grand Rapids is proud to have over 750 kids participate grades 6-12 and been recognized with many accomplishments in all of our ensemble areas.  We are excited to be a featured Jazz Ensemble this year at the MN Music Educators Conference in February. 

Eastview Marching Band

Apple Valley, MN

Performance Time: 2:00 pm

Competitive Classification: AAA
Drum Majors: Isaac Traynor, Dylan Gudim, David Kagan
Directors: Matt Gullickson, Ben Harloff, Rich Berggren

Show: The Ballad of Eastview
"The Ballad of Eastview" featured soloists include: Henry Futchi - Harmonica, Saxophone Quartet Members: Lily Boyd, Dylan Gudim, Cody Hanson and Michael Haseman, Carter Leavitt - Trumpet, Sam Kenney - Fiddle


The Eastview High School Band Program prides itself on offering a balanced spectrum of instrumental music centering around its 5 concert bands, along with 3 jazz bands, percussion ensemble, pit orchestra, pep band, brass choir, flute, clarinet, and saxophone choir, individual lessons and a solo/ensemble festival. Eastview is proud to have one of the highest annual enrollments in the Minnesota All-State band including 7 members accepted for the 2019-20 school year. Since the school opened in 1997, the Eastview Bands have traveled across the world, performing on international trips to Austria, Italy, England, Germany, Hungary, China and Ireland and will be continuing this tradition this spring as they travel to Greece to perform 3 concerts. The EVMB wishes to thank our school’s administration, staff and parents for their generous support and appreciation of the Eastview High School band program. Learn more about the Eastview Band Program at www.eastviewbands.com.

Brandon Valley High School

Brandon, SD

Performance Time: 2:15 pm

Competitive Classification: AAA
Drum Majors: Jaci Stemwedel, Ian Candy, Alexavia Waksman, Isaac Fode
Directors: Tyler Nettestad
Assistant Directord: by Devon Melillo, Brady DeBelts, Aubrey Lipetzky
Staff: MacKenzie Anderson, Michael Hoffman, Macy Rippentrop, Abby Christensen, Liz Kluin, Mason Endsley, Carson Jonke, and Carson McKellep

Show: The Summer Solstice
The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and marks the beginning of summer. On this day, the sun’s rays shine at their most powerful intensity, the tree’s leaves are green, the birds are in song, and the days are as warm as they are long. The 165 members of 2023 Marching Lynx present an illuminating musical and visual collage that celebrates the Solstice with radiating shapes, sounds, and textures. 

Music includes “Grow Till Tall” by Jonsi, "Summertime” by George Gershwin, “Summer” by Antonio Vivaldi, and original music by Ward Miller. 


The Marching Lynx have a rich tradition of excellence. The band has earned numerous awards in the midwest region, and has participated in many prestigious events around the nation.

Eden Prairie Eagle Marching Band

Eden Prairie, MN

Performance Time: 2:30 pm

Competitive Classification: Exhibition
Drum Majors: Jake Schriefels, Avery Nicpon
Directors: Michael Okwabi, Mike Whipkey, Ben Carter
Visual & Music: Andrew Sims, Ben Carter
Percussion Staff: Jared Olson, Zach Fitzgibbon, Mack Steinberg, Sheldon Peterson, Isaac Steffen, Calvin Stromwall
Colorguard Staff: Olivia Sims, Aaron Shaleen, Kaity Schlagel, Amber Killian
Music Arrangement: John Meehan
Drill Design: Andrew Dussl

Show: Terra Nova
“Terra Nova”, explores the aftermath and regrowth of the world following a global catastrophe.


The award-winning EPHS Eagle Marching Band is nationally recognized and has competed in numerous competitions in the AAA division in Minnesota. This year the Eagle Band will travel to compete in the Bands of America Super Regional competition in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2015 and 2017, the Eagle Band also competed at BOA Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana

How are Bands Scored?

The basic judging system used at marching band field show competitions involves six judges evaluating each of the performances. Each judge evaluates specific aspects of the performance and is responsible for a portion of the final score.

Judges use the following criteria to score the bands:

The Eden Prairie High School Eagle Band would like to thank the generous sponsors over the years who have helped our marching band and the overall music program strive for, achieve, and maintain our goals of Unity, Artistry, Excellence, and Legacy. This support serves to strengthen the program and foster growth for the future.

Thank you! to our amazing volunteers who make this event and countless others throughout the year possible, and to all the visiting schools and their fans. We appreciate your attendance and support!

Have a safe & successful marching band season and school year.

Prairie Colors Marching Band Festival!