Eden Prairie Welcomes You Back to Marching Band Season

30th Annual

Prairie Colors 2022

Eden Prairie High School
September 10th, 2022
12:00 PM

Performance Order

Class A

12:00 Minnetonka High School
12:15 Rochester Lourdes High School
12:30 Andover High School
12:45 Anoka High School
1:00 Champlin Park High School
1:15 Hastings Raiders Marching Band
1:30 North Polk High School

1:55 Class A Awards

Class AA

2:05 Grand Rapids High School
2:20 Waseca Marching Jays
2:35 Dowling Catholic High School

Class AAA

2:50 Marshall High School
3:05 Brandon Valley High School
3:20 Eastview High School
3:35 Exhibition: Eden Prairie High School

3:50 Class AA & AAA Awards

Minnetonka Marching Band

Minnetonka, MN

Performance Time: 12:00 pm

Competitive Classification: A
Music Arrangements: Jake Esterberg, Kory Esterberg
Drill: Phil Snyder
Band Captain: Claire Dolan
Color Guard Staff: Kaitlyn Barrett, Sydney Downing
Visual Staff: Karl Schmid, Joban Tornga, Jenny Ruliffson, Grace Roemig
Percussion Staff: Jake Esterberg, Kory Esterberg, Katie Langer, Tyler Hague
Directors: Kevin Kleindl and Paul Rosen

Show: "...And We Grew."
Throughout life, we experience grief in different ways and for various reasons. Each of us respond in our own ways. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance are recognized as the standard stages of grief. The Minnetonka Marching Blue’s show, “…And We Grew” explores each stage through the musical works of Jake Esterberg (Denial), Justin Bieber, Ghost (Anger), Taylor Swift and Bon Iver, Evermore (Depression and Bargaining), and The Theme from Civilization IV, Dream of Flight (Acceptance and Hope).

Musical Selections: "Untitled" - Jake Esterberg, "Ghost" - Justin Bieber, "Evermore" - Taylor Swift and Bon Ivar, "The Dream of Flight" - Christopher Tin

Musical arrangements by Jake Esterberg and Front Ensemble written by Kory Esterberg.


The award winning Minnetonka Marching Band performs at all Minnetonka home football games, marches in three local parades and competes in 6 regional marching band competitions. The marching band consistently receives placement and caption awards. The 2016 season featured 6 first place wins and a Minnesota State Championship win in the AA division at the Youth in Music state competition at US Bank Stadium.

Lourdes High School

Rochester, MN

Performance Time: 12:15 pm

Competitive Classification: A
Drum Majors: Keegan Jones and Regina Waldbillig
Directors: Andrew Scheller

Show: Villainous
Featuring original music and "Bad Guy" by Billy Eilish, Villainous brings the spirit of evil to life on the field.

The marching band at Lourdes High School is part of an extensive instrumental music program that includes a Concert Band, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Winter Drumline, AP Music Theory course, Jazz Lab course, and private lesson program. The Rochester Lourdes Marching Band is proud to perform at numerous competitions and events around Minnesota.

The Rochester Lourdes Marching Band will be presenting their 2022 field show, Villainous. Featuring original music and "Bad Guy" by Billy Eilish, Villainous brings the spirit of evil to life on the field. The Lourdes Marching Band is led by drum majors Keegan Jones and Regina Waldbillig.

Andover Marching Band

Andover, MN

Performance Time: 12:30 pm

Competitive Classification: A

Drum Majors: Natalie Mattson, Ryan Mickelborough
Visual & Music: Jason Spencer-Lima, Danne Harvey
Percussion Staff: Alex St. Clair, Abra Aurora, Spencer LaMott, Hope Northagen, Garrison Kizzier
Colorguard Staff: Jared "Cedric" Norberg, Summer Burgess
Director: Blake Peterson

Mother Earth in all of her beauty invites humans into her realm. Humans, who are eager for industrialization, start destroying her and try to take over. What will Mother Earth do? Will she sit by and watch it happen, or will she take things into her own hands? Find out as the Marching Huskies proudly present their show for the 2022 season, “Because of Us”.

2019 Youth In Music Class A 1st Place
The Andover Marching Huskies would like to thank the Andover High School Administration, Custodial Staff and Music Department; and the Andover Band Boosters Association for their outstanding support of the program.

Anoka Marching Band

Anoka, MN

Performance Time: 12:45 pm

Competitive Classification: A

Drum Majors: Olivia Dodge & Keegan May
Color Guard Staff: Paige Nelson
Percussion Staff: Nathan Kuehnl, Sylvia Kaare, Nat Barnish
MusicVisual Staff: Anders Rahkola, Trevor Nelson, Ryan Collins, Dallas St. Hilaire, Cassity Peterson, V Gordner, Dustin Rupprecht
Directors: Timothy Hauser

Show: Victory or Valhalla
When I was young, my elders told me tales of the glory that you win through battle. From land, across the beautiful Fjords we call our home, and to new and foreign lands we fight for our people. We begin our tale preparing the warship to set sail through treacherous waters towards our enemies. We yearn to win, or die with a weapon in our hand so we might be welcomed into the halls of the afterlife. To Victory, or Valhalla.

Under the direction of Timothy Hauser, follow a long tradition of bands providing music and school spirit for the Anoka, Minnesota, community. The Marching Tornadoes entertain crowds at more than 25 events during the fall sports season, including performances at home football games, competitions, pep fests, and local hometown parades such as the Anoka Halloween parade. The Marching Tornadoes have a tradition of excellence. #PassionDemandsEffort

Band Honors and Awards/Recognition:
2018 Youth in Music Class A 1st Place
2016 Youth in Music Class A 1st place

The students and staff of the 2021AMT would like to thank the Anoka Band Parents Association and all of our volunteers for their unwavering support of our program.

Champlin Park Marching Band

Champlin Park, MN

Performance Time: 1:00 pm

Competitive Classification: A

Drum majors: Jaden Jackson & Olivia Martini
Music & Visual Staff: Davis Bitterman, Ethan Goulson, Grant Goulson & Carly Mastrian
Percussion Staff: Jim Swanson & David Bradley
Color Guard Staff: Addie Guenther, Bailey Engberg, Emily Erickson, Alyssa Harrington & Lauren Celeste
Musical Arrangements: Ward Miller
Visual design: Kara Metzger
Directors: Steve Johnson & Amanda Mastrian

The Champlin Park Marching Rebels are proud to present their 2022 show “Hinkley, 1894".
Musical selections are: Hiawatha Overture by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Dance of the Spirits of Fire from The Perfect Foul by Gustav Holst, 22 Oversoon by Bon Iver and Chasing Sunlight by Cait Nishimura.


The Champlin Park Marching Rebels Consists of 80 dedicated musicians who pride themselves in being highly active in the many summer and fall marching venues. Over the last 29 years, the band has performed and competed across the country in parades, as well as field competitions. In 2015 the Marching Rebels were awarded 1st place in class A at Youth in Music Minnesota State Championships. In 2016, the Marching Rebels made an appearance at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee, winning Grand Cahmplin in both the parade and field competitions and just this past January participated in the Sugar bown in New Orleans.

The Champlin Park Marching Rebels would like to thank the Champlin Park Band Association, the Champlin Park Administrative Staff, Custodial staff and the Jackson Middle School Music Department for all of their outstanding support!

Hastings Raiders Marching Band

Hastings, MN

Performance Time: 1:15 pm

Competitive Classification: A

Drum Major: Sydney Teuber
Percussion Staff: Josh Wahlstrom, Thomas Walker
Colorguard Staff: Grace Bauer, Zack Anderson
Music Tech: Jake Bohlken
Music Composition: Randall Standridge
Percussion Arrangements: Josh Wahlstrom, Joe Asleson
Drill Design: Joel Matuzak
Visual Design: David Bolzman
Colorguard Design: Korey Craven
Directors: Emily Chandler, Thomas Wentzler

Soloists include Josie Pinke (flute), Brady Teegarden (alto saxophone), Charles Makowske (trumpet), Ryan Lindner (trombone).


The Hastings High School Raiders Marching Band is in its 30th year of competition. The marching band is part of a comprehensive band program that includes three concert bands, two jazz ensembles, pep band, percussion ensemble, and numerous other small ensembles. The marching band is supported by the Hastings Band Boosters and the ISD 200 administration. The Hastings School District’s music program is a Minnesota Exemplary Music Program Award recipient. The marching band would like to thank all of the parents and volunteers who do so much for us throughout the season.

The Hastings Raiders Marching Band is proud to have been named the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 Class A Minnesota state champions and the 2019 Class AA Minnesota state champions at the Youth in Music marching band championships.

North Polk High School

Alleman, IA

Performance Time: 1:30 pm

Competitive Classification: A

Drum Majors: Maddie Bond, Grace Smithey, Alayna Westphal, and Aubrey Selmecki
Directors: Brandon Weeks, Collin Bell, Hanna Hoversten, Dave Gault, Eric Williams, Reece Gross, Leah Weeks, Gabby Baker, Dave Barr, Chris Goodson

Show: Til' Death Do Us Part
The journey of two people through marriage. Starting with the wedding ceremony, traveling to the honeymoon, the experience of children, growing old and ending with the death tearing them apart.

The North Polk High School Marching Comets are part of the rapidly growing North Polk school district in the central Iowa town of Alleman. Students in North Polk High School band department all participate in two concert bands, The Marching Comets, and The World’s Most Dangerous Comet Pep Band. They also have the option to play in three jazz bands, participate in solo/ensemble contest, parades, honor bands, pit band, show choir band, and numerous other musical opportunities throughout the year. The Marching Comets are led by their student leadership team and are under the field command of drum majors Maddie Bond, Grace Smithey, Alayna Westphal, and Aubrey Selmecki. The band would like to thank the school board, administration, teachers, parents, and students in the North Polk school district for their support of our program! We would also like to thank all of the hard work of the students, staff, and parents at todays’ festival!

Grand Rapids Marching Band

Grand Rapids, MN

Performance Time: 2:05 pm

Competitive Classification: AA

Drum Majors: Shea Huffman, Katie Chung, Kaitlyn Olson
Directors: Dale Gunderson, Sander Grotjohn

Show: Face It
Music Selections: Hall of the Mountain King, Alice's Theme, Melting Waltz, In the End and Aha!


Grand Rapids Band prides itself on having one of the only competitive field show marching band programs north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We are located 3 1/2 hours north of the Twin Cities and about 2 hours south of the Canadian border. The Grand Rapids High School Marching Band is comprised of students in grades 9-12. The band has been recognized as a leader in innovation, offering quality life learning experiences with their musical program. The band, its directors and Band Booster program has been instrumental in securing funding for this group by means of a past grant from the Blandin Foundation and wise investments with the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. Funds have been established to help with the Grand Rapids Bands future purchase of uniforms, equipment and assistant staffing. With tighter budgets, a commitment has been made to ensure the continued success of the Grand Rapids Band Program.​​

Waseca Marching Jays

Waseca, MN

Performance Time: 2:20 pm

Competitive Classification: AA

Drum Majors: Lindsey Kopetzki and Hannah LaCroix
Color Guard Staff: Sarah Thursby, Alli Larkin and Yvette Hagel
Music and Visual Staff: Paul Davis, John Hoehn and Bryce Barrie
Percussion Staff: Jay Downie, Michael Thursby, Randy Zimmerman and Maddie Buland
Additional Design Staff: Ward Miller, Brandon Wickham and Marques Eckhoff
Directors: Devon Lawrence, Jay Downie (Asst. Director) and Joe Fritz (Asst. Director)

Aristotle once said, “There is a fine line between genius and madness.” Vincent Van Gogh was devastatingly misunderstood throughout his artistic career. Van Gogh dared to paint his battle between the essence of life and madness, evident in his impassioned brush strokes filled with tense emotion. It wasn’t until after his death that the world realized his genius, proclaiming him to be one of the world's most famous artists. Watch as the Marching Jays paint outside the lines and breathe musical life into the works of Van Gogh in their 2022 production, “A Fine Line”. Their show features the following musical selections: Creep by Radiohead, Selections from the Movie 'A Beautiful Mind' by James Horner, and Starry, Starry Night by Don McLean.

The Waseca High School Band program consists of Marching Band, two Concert Bands, multiple Jazz Bands, small ensembles, and private lesson instruction. The Band regularly participates in State Solo and Ensemble Contest, the Large Group Contest, and the Eau Claire Jazz Festival.

The Marching Jays wish to thank Waseca Public Schools, the Waseca Band Boosters, as well as the parents and community members who do so much to support the program.

Dowling Catholic High School

West Des Moines, IA

Performance Time: 2:35 pm

Competitive Classification: AA

Drum Majors: Katie Flaherty and Molly Eure
Directors: Nicholas Hoover

"When the Forest Calls" is the allure of a place hidden from the human world, neither evil or good in the beginning, just mysterious and ethereal. The show is presented in three movements and features several french horn and colorguard solos.


The Dowling Catholic Vanguard is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the marching arts and the education of its members. Because responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership, and all musical skills are a core part of the class, the marching band activity is an essential part of the curriculum at Dowling Catholic High School. Through hard work, motivation, dedication, and the mindset of performing like a champion, the experience gained from performing in the Dowling Catholic Vanguard is invaluable.

Marshall High School Marching Band

Marshall, MN

Performance Time: 2:50 pm

Competitive Classification: AAA

Drum Majors: Daylin Crowley, Naomi Schroeder, Lauren Wherry
Directors: Larry Petersen, Chris Witherow

Show: Atypical Day
Welcome to your typical day. You wake up to a beautiful sunny morning, commute to work, and prepare for another day at the office, until…it all goes wrong. Something unexpected happens, and the day is turned upside down. No matter how much you try, you just can’t get your day back on track. By the time you leave work, you are frustrated, exhausted, and can’t wait to get home, unwind, and just put an end to this chaotic, Atypical Day.

The Marshall Tiger Marching Band is the largest performing ensemble of a comprehensive band program that includes four concert bands, jazz ensembles, and an energetic athletic band program.

The Marshall Tiger Marching Band has seen success at the local and regional levels including a First Place finish a 2021 Music of the Knight at Irondale High School, Outstanding Color Guard awards at the Festival of Bands in Sioux Falls, SD, and numerous finalist performances at the Youth in Music competition at US Bank Stadium. The band was also crowned Class A Champion at the Bands of America Super Regional in St. Louis in 2012.

Brandon Valley High School

Brandon, SD

Performance Time: 3:05 pm

Competitive Classification: AAA

Drum Majors: Kate Bebensee, Jaci Stemwedel, and Ian Candy
Directors: Tyler Nettestad

Put on your poker face, and get ready for the heart-pounding excitement of hitting the “Jackpot!”

The “Marching Lynx” are a regionally competitive band that competes in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. The band has a proud and rich tradition that includes appearances at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the Liberty Bowl, the Gator Bowl, the Camping World Bowl and many other national venues.

The word "Valley" in Brandon Valley comes from its neighboring town of Valley Springs, a small town of about 800 people right on the border of SD and MN.

Eastview Marching Band

Apple Valley, MN

Performance Time: 3:20 pm

Competitive Classification: AAA

Drum Majors: Leylah Boulos, Matthew Espena and Lauren Mitchell
Wind Staff: Jesse Talbot, Jordan Warfield, Bryan Borg, Ben Carter, Nicole Elias, Josh Becker Ada Erdahl and Justin Mons
Percussion: Matt Haar, John Flanagan, Jackson Boehm, Greg Pedenko, Owen Sabinash, Dan Frankenfeld, Don Donais, Haydn Veith, Kate Gira, Cienna Becker and Christopher O’Niell
Colorguard: Kaitlyn Hepp, Erin Lesch, Emily Lawrence, Brooke Kearney, Ella Erdahl and Craig Thiltgen
Drill Design: Steve Collins. Soloists include Leylah Boulos and Aver Kahar
Musical Arrangements: Ward Miller, Bo Hoover, Matt Gullickson and Joey Mayer
Directors: Matt Gullickson, Ben Harloff, Rich Berggren

The Eastview Marching Band’s 2022 field show is entitled “BAROQUE ‘N’ RECORD”! Music selections include Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, Music from the Royal Fireworks by George Frideric Handel, 3 AM Bounce by the No B.S. Brass Band, Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel, and many more.


The Eastview High School Band Program prides itself on offering a balanced spectrum of instrumental music centering around its 5 concert bands, along with 3 jazz bands, percussion ensemble, pit orchestra, pep band, brass choir, flute, clarinet, and saxophone choir, individual lessons and a solo/ensemble festival. Eastview is proud to have one of the highest annual enrollments in the Minnesota All-State band including 7 members accepted for the 2019-20 school year. Since the school opened in 1997, the Eastview Bands have traveled across the world, performing on international trips to Austria, Italy, England, Germany, Hungary, China and Ireland and will be continuing this tradition this spring as they travel to Greece to perform 3 concerts. The EVMB wishes to thank our school’s administration, staff and parents for their generous support and appreciation of the Eastview High School band program. Learn more about the Eastview Band Program at www.eastviewbands.com.

Eden Prairie Eagle Marching Band

Eden Prairie, MN

Performance Time: 3:35 pm

Competitive Classification: Exhibition

Drum Majors: Natalie Warnke, Jake Schreifels
Percussion Staff: Jared Olson, Zach Fitzgibbon, Mack Steinberg, Sheldon Peterson, Calvin Stromwell
Colorguard Staff: Jared Peterson, Aaron Shaleen, Dany Lovitz, Kaity Schlagel, Olivia Sims
Visual Caption: Connor Woitte, Caitlin Lauria, Will Frickstad
Music Composer: John Meehan & Bradon Wickham
Directors: Mike Whipkey, Michael Okwabi

Show: Aurora Borealis
Featuring three original works entitled: "Sky Fires", "The Heavens", and "A Vengeful Force". O blest one hour like this! to rise And see grief's shadows backward roll; While bursts on unaccustomed eyes, The glad Aurora of the soul. ~English Poet-Dinah Craik


The Eagle Marching Band is part of a comprehensive music program at Eden Prairie High School that includes 4 concert bands, 2 jazz bands, jazz combo, chamber winds, and full orchestra, 3 winterguard groups, and winter drumline. The Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band have performed at the Minnesota Music Educators Convention, as well as the Music for All concert band festival. The winterguard and winter drumline have placed very well at the WGI competition. Eden Prairie Bands will travel to Disneyworld this winter.

The Eagle Marching Band would like to thank the Eden Prairie the district administration for all of the wonderful support over the years. This production would not be possible without the incredible support of our band parent organization. The Eagles would also like to thank the parent volunteers that put on today's show.

How are Bands Scored?

The basic judging system used at marching band field show competitions involves six judges evaluating each of the performances. Each judge evaluates specific aspects of the performance and is responsible for a portion of the final score.

Judges use the following criteria to score the bands:

  • Marching & Maneuvering Execution, evaluated by a judge on the field = 20 points

  • Music Execution, evaluated by a judge in the press box = 20 points

  • General Effect: Music, evaluated by a judge in the press box = 20 points

  • General Effect: Visual, evaluated by a judge in the press box = 20 points

  • Percussion, evaluated by a judge on the field = 10 points

  • Color Guard, evaluated by a judge in the press box = 10 points

  • TOTAL = 100 POINTS

The Eden Prairie High School Eagle Band would like to thank the generous sponsors over the years who have helped our marching band and the overall music program strive for, achieve, and maintain our goals of Unity, Artistry, Excellence, and Legacy. This support serves to strengthen the program and foster growth for the future.

Thank you! to our amazing volunteers who make this event and countless others throughout the year possible, and to all the visiting schools and their fans. We appreciate your attendance and support!

Have a safe & successful marching band season and school year.

We'll see you on September 9, 2023 for the next

Prairie Colors Marching Band Festival!